Car accidents are a major cause of injuries in Roswell, Georgia. These incidents rank highly as causes of injury-related hospitalizations and fatalities, according to the Georgia Department of Public Health.

Victims of car accidents, often resulting from another’s negligence, are entitled to compensation for losses such as medical costs, lost income, and pain and suffering. At Kaufman Law, with over 45 years of experience in personal injury law, we’re dedicated to supporting Roswell’s accident victims through these tough times.

Our auto accident lawyers are well-versed in Georgia’s traffic and personal injury laws. We bring 100+ years of combined experience, and we’ve secured millions in settlements for our clients injured in motor vehicle accidents. We are ready to bring your case to trial if necessary. Our aim is to ensure you get the full compensation you deserve for your accident-related losses.

Can You Recover Compensation for Your Roswell Car Accident?

Experiencing a car accident in Roswell not only brings immediate stress but also leads to significant concerns regarding the right to compensation, especially when the accident results from another party’s negligence.

Negligence on the roads can take multiple forms. Speeding, a common factor, often leads to severe accidents due to reduced reaction times and control. Distracted driving, including phone usage, eating, or even adjusting the radio, is a growing concern on our roads with the rise of technology.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is another pressing issue. In 2021, this was a factor in 30% of fatal traffic accidents in Georgia, underscoring its severity.

Roswell may also see cases where vehicle defects or poorly maintained roads lead to accidents. These situations may involve manufacturer negligence in creating safe vehicles or government negligence in maintaining road infrastructure. Determining liability in such scenarios requires careful analysis of the accident circumstances, vehicle conditions, and road maintenance records.

At Kaufman Law, our experienced accident lawyers look into every aspect of your car accident to pinpoint negligence. Our team, boasting over 100 years of combined experience in handling traffic and personal injury cases, is dedicated to thorough investigations. We examine police reports, scrutinize accident scenes, and review witness statements. Where necessary, we collaborate with accident reconstruction experts and automotive specialists to build a comprehensive understanding of the accident.

Our advocacy for your rightful compensation is rooted in a detailed understanding of Georgia’s traffic laws and personal injury legal framework. We work tirelessly to ensure all responsible parties are held accountable and your rights to compensation are fully protected. Whether negotiating with insurance companies or representing you in court, our focus remains on securing the compensation you deserve for medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages related to the accident.

How Much is a Car Accident Case Worth?

Determining the value of a car accident claim in Roswell depends on factors like injury severity, medical costs, lost income, property damage, and liability. Serious injuries typically lead to higher compensation, influenced by overall medical treatment costs. Compensation for lost income and future earnings is also considered.

Severity of Injuries

The intensity of injuries significantly influences your claim’s value. Injuries like bone fractures, brain trauma, or spinal damage often necessitate extensive medical care and might result in lasting disabilities. Kaufman Law records the complete scope of your injuries, speaking with healthcare experts to cover everything from immediate to long-term healthcare and rehabilitation needs.

Medical Expenses

The aggregate cost of medical care forms a crucial part of your claim. This includes charges for urgent care, surgical procedures, hospitalization, physiotherapy, prescriptions, and future medical needs linked to the accident. Our attorneys at Kaufman Law thoroughly calculate and document all medical expenses to aid in fully reclaiming these costs.

Lost Income and Future Earnings

If injuries have affected your work capacity, either short-term or long-term, you could be eligible for compensation covering lost wages and reduced future earnings. Our firm conducts detailed financial assessments, considering lost salaries, benefits, and career growth opportunities missed due to the accident.

Property Damage

Compensation for property damage, especially to your vehicle, forms part of your claim. Our lawyers evaluate the extent of this damage, ensuring you receive proper compensation for repair or replacement, as well as for any personal items damaged in the accident, such as laptops, cell phones, clothing, etc.

Pain and Suffering

These non-economic damages compensate for physical pain and emotional trauma resulting from the accident. Although these damages are subjective and more difficult to prove in court, our attorneys at Kaufman Law skillfully quantify and advocate for these damages, ensuring comprehensive recognition and compensation for your physical and emotional suffering.

Do You Need a Lawyer for a Roswell Car Accident Claim?

For those in a Roswell car accident, having an experienced attorney is beneficial for several reasons:

Insurance Negotiations

Insurance companies typically strive to resolve claims quickly, often offering less than what may be fair. An attorney can intervene on your behalf to negotiate with these companies. Having a skilled attorney representing you and your interests ensures you do not agree to an undervalued settlement.

Understanding the Legal Process in Georgia

The legal process for car accident claims in Georgia can be difficult to understand for someone without a legal background. A lawyer can guide you through this system, offering clarity and a deeper understanding of each step.

Investigation and Evidence Gathering

Attorneys conduct thorough investigations to amass evidence supporting your claim. This step involves collecting detailed police reports, comprehensive medical records, and statements from witnesses.

Evaluation of Damages

Accurately determining the value of your claim is a process that involves assessing several different types of damages. These include both economic damages, like medical bills and lost wages, and non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering. A lawyer’s experience is crucial in thoroughly and accurately calculating these damages.

Representation in Court

If a satisfactory settlement is not achieved through negotiations, your attorney is equipped to represent you in court. This step is crucial in ensuring your rights are protected, and you receive the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Expert Testimonies

Lawyers often collaborate with medical professionals and accident reconstruction experts. These expert testimonies can significantly strengthen your case, providing additional credibility and support to your claim.

Timely Filing of Claim

Adhering to the statute of limitations in Georgia is necessary. The state mandates a two-year filing period for personal injury claims arising from car accidents, as outlined in Georgia Code section 9-3-33. However, this timeframe extends to four years for claims specifically involving vehicle damage. An attorney ensures that all necessary paperwork is filed within these legal deadlines, safeguarding your right to claim.

Contact Kaufman Law for Your Car Accident Case in Roswell

If you have been involved in a car accident in Roswell and are dealing with injuries, the path to recovery can be challenging. It’s recommended that you have legal support during this time.

Our team at Kaufman Law is here to offer that support. We are committed to assisting you every step of the way, from initial consultation to final resolution.

Contact us today for a complimentary case evaluation. We will provide you with personalized advice, help you understand your legal options, and work tirelessly to secure the justice and compensation you rightfully deserve. Don’t go through this process alone; let us be your advocates and guide you to a successful outcome.

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