Traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, are generally catastrophic injuries. A “catastrophic injury” by law is one that causes permanent or long-term damage. Serious brain injuries can impact the survivor’s speech, cognitive abilities, motor skills, memory, and more. Most brain injuries are preventable. They happen because of someone’s negligence, such as an employer who didn’t give workers proper helmets or a distracted driver who strikes a bicyclist.
At Kaufman Law, P.C., it’s our job to go after negligent parties on behalf of victims with brain injuries in Alpharetta. We get to the bottom of who or what caused the injury, what party is liable, and how best to prove our client’s case. Our aggressive litigators aren’t afraid to fight during settlement negotiations or a jury trial for maximum compensation for injuries as serious as those to the brain. Trust us with your case and experience the Kaufman Law, P.C. difference.

How Do Brain Injuries Happen?

Most brain injury “accidents” aren’t accidents at all. They are avoidable incidents that happen because someone wasn’t paying enough attention or performing his or her duties. Trauma to the head and brain can stem from blunt force trauma, penetration, shaking, or even a minor bump or jolt. In most cases, an individual or entity is responsible for causing or at least contributing to a victim’s brain injury. Common causes of these catastrophic injuries are as follows:

  • Car accidents. Negligent drivers can collide with other drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Head and brain injuries in car accidents can occur if the head strikes the steering wheel, window, a passenger, or another object during impact.
  • Slips, trips, and falls. Falls can lead to serious bumps on the head. Falls from scaffolds and ladders can happen in the workplace due to an unsafe work environment. Falls on someone else’s property could lead to a premises liability lawsuit for property hazards.
  • Sports incidents. Sports-related concussions and other head injuries aren’t always just “part of the game.” In many cases, a negligent or foolhardy coach is to blame for failing to properly protect players. This is especially true if a coach pushes a player to return to the field too soon after a concussion, resulting in two brain injuries close together.
  • Medical malpractice. An acquired brain injury is one that stems not from an outside force, but from internal issues such as lack of oxygen to the brain. Medical malpractice can cause brain-related injuries during childbirth, surgeries, and while putting patients under anesthesia.
  • Acts of violence. Penetrating brain injuries can happen from gunshot or knife wounds to the head. These are serious injuries that can lead to bleeding and/or swelling in the brain. In Georgia, it is possible to file a civil lawsuit against an attacker at the same time as an ongoing criminal suit.

Brain injuries can come down to the liability of a driver, employer, property owner, hospital, product manufacturer, or a combination of multiple parties. At Kaufman Law, P.C., we’ll investigate you or a loved one’s brain injury to determine likely defendants. Then, we’ll take care of the personal injury claims process from start to finish, pursuing maximum compensation for such a serious injury. Sign up for a free case evaluation to get in touch with our experienced firm.

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