Bus drivers take on the responsibility of transporting dozens of people safely to their destinations. Despite needing special licenses, training, and having to obey a different set of standards than other drivers, bus drivers can make mistakes. Drivers might text and drive, follow too closely, speed, make unsafe merges, fail to stop at red lights, or otherwise cause a collision through negligence. Third parties can cause harmful bus crashes the same way – not paying attention to the road and failing to obey traffic rules. No matter what caused your bus incident in Alpharetta, know that you could have options moving forward.
The team at Kaufman Law, P.C. will investigate your bus accident to identify who or what caused your bus injuries. As a bus passenger, we know you weren’t the cause – so we believe you shouldn’t have to pay for your losses. The justice system exists to help victims just like you. Use it to its full potential with help from our experienced accident attorneys in Alpharetta. We’ll work closely with you to understand your goals for your case and do our best to bring them to fruition. It starts with a free consultation at our local law office.

What Causes Bus Injuries?

When you step onto a bus, you might notice there are no seatbelts. Buses in Georgia do not legally need seat belts and therefore most don’t have them. Buses are safe for the most part, so the lack of safety devices might not worry you – until an accident happens. Lack of seatbelts can lead to significant injuries in a collision – tossing passengers around and increasing the risk of injury. At Kaufman Law, P.C., we can help injured bus passengers understand their rights and pursue compensation through insurance or personal injury claims. We can help no matter what type of bus you rode in Alpharetta, including:

  • City buses
  • School buses
  • Commercial buses
  • Tour buses
  • Charter buses
  • Taxi and shuttle buses
  • Party buses

A bus doesn’t have to crash to cause injuries. Bus drivers who drive erratically can make passengers fall or collide with other passengers. Perhaps poor bus maintenance, such as an exposed piece of metal, caused your bus injury. You might have ridden in a party bus only for an intoxicated passenger to start a fight. Whatever the case, if you suffered an injury on a bus in Alpharetta, speak to our attorneys about your potential for financial compensation. You could be eligible to recover the costs of your hospital bills, lost wages, physical pain, and emotional suffering.

Pursue Recovery with Help from Experienced Attorneys

A bus accident can cause multiple serious injuries in one crash. If a bus driver, bus company, other passenger, third-party driver, product manufacturer, the City of Alpharetta, or a combination of entities caused your bus injuries, we can help. Our team can file a lawsuit on your behalf in pursuit of maximum money damages. We’ve handled complex accident cases for over 40 years and know how best to navigate Georgia’s laws in our clients’ favor. Come to us for a free bus incident evaluation and learn what we suggest in your particular case.

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