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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips

Everyone loves a good scare on Halloween, but not when it comes to yours or your child’s safety. The safety tips below aren’t tricky and can ensure that everyone will have a happy and safe Halloween!

  • Ghost Walkers

Halloween is an evening with heavier pedestrian foot traffic. It is important to be sure everyone is walking safely and following the rules of the road. Accidents involving pedestrians can be avoided by using well-lit sidewalks whenever possible. Always use a crosswalk when crossing the street and look both ways for oncoming traffic. Trick or treaters should walk from house to house and avoid walking between cars so they can always be seen. Children should always walk with an adult to ensure safety. 

  • Boo-tiful Costumes

Wearing costumes is one of the best parts about Halloween! They’re fun and creative, but can also be hazardous at times. Make sure your kids (and adults too!) can see properly and walk without trouble. Peripheral vision is very important. Doing so will prevent injury from slipping or tripping and falling, especially while crossing the street. Children should wear reflective tape, glow sticks, bright colors, or carry a flashlight to increase the likelihood of them being seen.

  • Zombie Driver

Driving while alert is ALWAYS important while behind the wheel. Children can be unpredictable, especially when excitement is high on Halloween. Drivers should be extra cautious to look out for children and keep speeds low in residential areas. Ensuring that your headlights are on can increase visibility. Most importantly, put away all possible distractions. With so many kids out and about, distracted driving is very dangerous.

  • Tricks For Treats

Halloween is just as fun for our furry friends! If your pet will be trick or treating with the family, be sure to keep him or her on a leash at all times. With the unpredictability of children, combined with costumes of all sorts, pets may feel more anxious and guarded. It is best to either warn others if your pet may act aggressively or leave it at home. At home, securing your pet while trick or treaters come to the door is a safe way to ensure no accidents occur. 
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