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Category: Blog

May 18, 2021

What Is a Class Action Lawsuit?

You may have read about class action lawsuits in the news — some of the largest and longest running legal battles in... Read More

May 8, 2021

What Happens When You Get Your First Speeding Ticket?

Driving too fast is a leading cause of road accidents in the United States — in 2019, speeding was a factor in... Read More

Apr 19, 2021

How Do Points on Your License Work in Georgia?

With every traffic conviction or violation you receive as a motor vehicle driver in Georgia, you will incur a certain number of... Read More

Apr 8, 2021

What Is a No Zone in Driving?

Most drivers will have encountered that moment on the highway when they feel stuck behind a transport truck and feel the urge... Read More

Apr 6, 2021

Treatment After a Dog Bite Injury

Suffering an attack by a dog or other animal is a truly terrifying experience. Unfortunately, the after effects of this type of incident can be as severe as the attack itself. Read More

Apr 6, 2021

4 Reasons Dogs Typically Attack

The more you think about it, the more you can see how instinct can control certain aspects of animal behavior. So what... Read More

Mar 19, 2021

What Does No-Fault State Mean for Car Accidents?

Automobile insurance systems vary across the country but are typically broken down into either “at-fault” or “no-fault” states. It’s important to know... Read More

Mar 9, 2021

Georgia Workers’ Compensation Laws: What You Need to Know

Is workers comp required in Georgia? An injury on the job can be a devastating experience, especially if your employer denies responsibility... Read More

Feb 4, 2021

Truck Drivers: One of the “Unhealthiest” Jobs in America

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in 2007 classified semi-truck driving as one of the highest risk occupations in the United States.... Read More