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How Do Points on Your License Work in Georgia?

How Do Points on Your License Work in Georgia?

With every traffic conviction or violation you receive as a motor vehicle driver in Georgia, you will incur a certain number of demerit points on your driver’s license. In Georgia, it ranges from 2 to 6 points for a violation. Accumulating demerit points can negatively affect both your driving privileges and your insurance.

Under state law, a driver who accumulates 15 points in 24 months will have their license suspended. You can also have your license suspended immediately if you commit a serious driving violation, and those under the age of 21 can have their license suspended if they are convicted for just a 4-point offense.

You may wonder how to check points on your license in Georgia and it’s quite simple to do. Just visit the Georgia Department of Driver Services website and enter your driver’s license number. It’s a good practice to check periodically. Licensed drivers in Georgia can request that the Department of Driver Services reduce the number of points assessed against their Georgia driver’s license.

How long do points stay on your license in Georgia?

Points will stay on your driving record for two years and drop off after 24 months from the date they were added. The date the violation occurred is used as the basis for determining the 24-month period (or 12-month period for persons under age 18).

How many points does it take to suspend a license in Georgia under the age of 21?

In the case of a person age 18 to 21, the suspension of the license for a single 4-point offense is determined by the date the conviction occurred. A plea of “nolo contendere” is considered a conviction for purposes of imposing suspensions that apply to persons under age 21.

Anyone under the age of 18 with an accumulation of 4 points within 12 months could lose their license. When a license is suspended due to an accumulation of points, the total is restored to zero.

How many points is a speeding ticket in Georgia?

A speeding ticket in Georgia can range from 2 to 6 points. The state has a “Super Speeder” law that includes stiffer fines and penalties. Suppose you got a citation for driving 75 mph or faster on a two-lane road or 85 mph or faster on any road or highway in the state. In that case, you could be considered a “Super Speeder,” which means an additional $200 fine. If you fail to pay a Super Speeder fine in 120 days, your driver’s license will be suspended. You’ll then have to pay a $50 license-reinstatement fee plus the $200 fine.

According to the Georgia Department of Driver Services point schedule, points are added for the following speeds over the speed limit:

  • 15-18 mph – 2 points
  • 19-23 mph — 3 points
  • 24-33 mph — 4 points
  • 34+ mph — 6 points

No points are given for tickets for driving less than 15 mph over the speed limit or going “too fast for the conditions” violations.

You can also lose points for speeding on a bridge or structure, as well as speeding in a work zone – up to 6 points if you are going more than 34 mph over in a construction zone.

Do parking tickets put points on your license?

In most cases, parking violations do not result in demerit points.

Does removing points lower insurance?

Two points will increase a driver’s insurance costs by about 20 percent to 100 percent depending on the state, insurance company and violation. Having points removed will make sure your insurance doesn’t go up, but some points can’t be removed even after attending a driving school course, but they don’t stay on your license forever.

How do I remove points from my driving license?

Once every five years, you can ask the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) to reduce the number of points on your driving record. Up to 7 points can be taken off. To qualify for a points reduction, you must successfully complete a 6-hour certified Driver Improvement (defensive driving) course and present the certificate of completion to the DDS by mail or in person.

If you complete a certified driving course for some violations, you may be able to receive a 20% reduction of your fine, and no points will be added to your driving record. However, you will not be able to avoid the $200 Super Speeder fee.

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