The days, weeks, and months following a car wreck are often incredibly challenging for injured parties. If you’ve been hurt in a collision, your injuries could require treatment that you might not be prepared to pay for. In addition, you may struggle to work due to your injuries. It’s possible the injuries you’ve sustained in a wreck could even leave you permanently disabled.

Do you believe someone else was to blame for the car accident that injured you? Then get in touch with a Conyers car accident attorney today. The at-fault driver could owe you money, and we can help you demand it.

At Kaufman Law, P.C., we have honed our case-building, negotiating, and litigating skills over 45 years in practice. We’re a client-focused, results-driven law firm, and it shows in the settlements and verdicts we’ve achieved on behalf of people like you. While we can’t change the past, but we can help safeguard your future, so reach out to us today and get started with a free consultation with a car accident injury lawyer in Conyers.

Important Information About Conyers Car Accidents

Motor vehicle wrecks are tragically common in Georgia. Per the Georgia Department of Public Health (GDPH), in 2020, motor vehicle crashes were among the top causes of ER visits and hospitalizations in the state.

Conyers is in Rockdale County, where there were 87 crashes resulting in potentially serious injuries in 2021, per the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety.

Your Right to Compensation After a Motor Vehicle Accident in Georgia

Georgia is an at-fault or “tort” car crash state. Injured parties in at-fault states like Georgia can seek compensation for their medical bills and related losses by filing insurance claims against the drivers to blame for them. 

Seeking compensation involves filing a claim with the liable party’s insurer. If you’re not sure who caused your accident, speak with a personal injury lawyer. The team at our Conyers car accident law firm can investigate the crash to identify the liable party and hold them accountable for what they’ve done.

It’s important to note that the liable party isn’t always an individual driver. For example, maybe the driver who caused your wreck was working at the time. If so, their employer may technically be liable, opening the door to additional compensation.

Types of Compensation Available After a Car Wreck in Conyers, Georgia

An auto accident attorney in Conyers can help you seek compensation for various economic losses from the at-fault driver, including for:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Lost income
  • Necessary travel expenses
  • Expenses for at-home care

That’s not necessarily a complete list. A Conyers accident lawyer can review your case and explain in greater detail what types of economic losses you may seek compensation for, including those you might not be aware of yet – for example, future medical bills necessitated by long-term care.

You are likely also eligible to receive compensation for non-economic losses. A non-economic loss is a consequence of your injuries that have no exact dollar value, such as pain and suffering. You’ll need an experienced car accident lawyer to help you put a dollar value on such subjective losses.

Seeking Compensation After a Work-Related Motor Vehicle Accident

Were you driving for work when your crash occurred? If so, a car wreck lawyer can help you claim the workers’ compensation benefits that could be owed to you per the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation (GSBWC).

Workers’ comp benefits in Georgia only pay for medical expenses, a portion of lost wages, and certain other economic losses. However, you don’t have to prove your crash resulted from someone else’s negligence to receive these no-fault workers’ compensation benefits in Georgia.

Furthermore, your wreck may still have been the result of another party’s negligence. In that case, you might have the option to file a separate third-party claim. Review your situation with a car accident injury lawyer in Conyers to find out if this might be an option.

How a Conyers Car Accident Attorney Can Help

Along with determining how much compensation you may be owed, a Conyers personal injury attorney could help by:

  • Gathering evidence of negligence – The insurer of the party who caused your accident may try to avoid paying you to save themselves money. They might do so by claiming you haven’t shown enough evidence to prove negligence. Your motor vehicle accident lawyer may help guard against this by thoroughly investigating the crash and building a rock-solid case on your behalf.
  • Handling your claim – While you recover from your injuries, an auto accident attorney can complete and file your claim’s paperwork. They can also handle any calls and other forms of correspondence with the insurance adjuster.
  • Evaluating settlement offers and negotiating – The initial settlement offer the insurance company makes you might be unfairly low. If your car crash attorney suspects the insurance company is lowballing you, they can negotiate for more money on your behalf.
  • Representing you in court – Unfortunately, there are instances when insurers stubbornly refuse to pay what they owe claimants. If an insurer won’t offer a fair settlement, your lawyer can file a lawsuit and represent you in a trial.

Insurance companies are prepared to defend themselves financially when injured parties file claims. Hiring a Conyers car crash lawyer may help you even the playing field.

How Much Does a Georgia Car Accident Attorney Cost?

You don’t have to worry about adding to your already substantial bills when you enlist the help of our Conyers injury law firm. That’s because we offer our clients contingency fee agreements. That means our fee is a percentage of your final settlement or verdict, and you only pay us if you get paid first. A contingency fee agreement ensures you don’t have to pay upfront legal fees or face unreasonable barriers to pursuing justice.

How to Prepare for a Free Consultation with a Car Accident Injury Lawyer in Conyers

Most automobile accident attorneys offer free consultations so that they can assess the relative merits of a potential client’s case. You can help them evaluate yours by:

  • Making copies of medical bills and other such documentation of your losses
  • Writing or recording a description of how the accident occurred
  • Getting the names and contact information of witnesses
  • Gathering any pictures you may have of the crash scene and your injuries
  • Getting the contact and insurance information of the other parties involved in the crash

Don’t worry if you’re unable to take these steps. A lawyer can still review your case and answer your questions. If you choose to hire them, your attorney can also help you gather documentation and evidence you don’t currently have on hand.

Don’t Miss the Deadline for Filing an Auto Accident Claim in Georgia

Here are some pertinent deadlines on car accident claims in Conyers, Georgia:

  • For personal injury and wrongful death – You have two years from the date of your crash or a loved one’s passing to file a personal injury or wrongful death car accident claim.
  • For workers’ compensation – Per the GSBWC, you have one year from the date of a workplace accident to file a workers’ comp claim in Georgia. You must also notify your employer of your accident within 30 days.

Act fast to avoid missing these deadlines. An injured party in Georgia typically forfeits their right to compensation if they don’t file a claim or lawsuit in time. Work with a personal injury attorney in Conyers, Georgia, to avoid this costly mistake.

Get in Touch with a Conyers Car Accident Attorney

At Kaufman Law, P.C., we’ve been representing clients like you for more than 45 years. That means we know the challenges you’re facing after a car accident that wasn’t your fault. It also means we have the experience necessary to provide you with dedicated representation. Learn more about what a Conyers car accident attorney can do for you by contacting us online or calling us for a free case review.

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