In Georgia, workers who suffer injuries or illnesses because of their work have the right to receive financial benefits under the state’s workers’ compensation system. However, employers and insurers can create obstacles for workers entitled to benefits. After getting hurt on the job, you may need experienced legal representation to help you secure the financial benefits you deserve. Contact Kaufman Law for a free initial case review to discuss your legal options for obtaining benefits with the assistance of a knowledgeable Sandy Springs workplace injury lawyer. 

Why Choose Our Sandy Springs Workers’ Comp Law Firm?

When you need help getting workers’ compensation benefits from your employer after suffering a work injury or occupational disease, choosing the right attorney can make a difference in the outcome of your workers’ comp claim. For over 45 years, injury victims have turned to the attorneys of Kaufman Law for legal advice and advocacy because:

  • Our legal team has more than 100 years of combined experience, giving us the collective knowledge and skill to handle the challenges of the most complex injury cases.
  • We take on all the hard work of preparing and pursuing your claims so you can focus on treating your injuries and getting back to work and regular life.
  • Our attorneys and staff treat everyone who walks through our doors with the utmost care and respect. We strive to provide the guidance and support you need through your recovery.
  • Our firm has a proven record of success, including millions of dollars recovered annually and hundreds of stellar reviews left by our clients.

Benefits Available from Georgia Workers’ Compensation

Depending on the type and severity of injuries or illness you suffer at work, you can receive various financial benefits from the workers’ compensation system. Workers’ comp benefits in Georgia can include:

  • Medical benefits: Workers’ compensation can cover the cost of all reasonable and necessary treatment and rehabilitation for a work injury or occupational disease, including hospitalization, surgeries, pain management care, and physical/occupational therapy.
  • Mileage reimbursement: Workers can also receive a per-mile payment to help cover the cost of transportation to and from medical appointments and procedures.
  • Temporary total disability benefits: A worker who needs to take time off work to recover from injuries or illnesses can obtain reimbursement of two-thirds of the worker’s pre-injury average weekly wage, subject to minimum/maximum limits.
  • Temporary partial disability benefits: Workers who can return to part-time or light duty while recovering from injury or illness can receive two-thirds of the difference between their previous average weekly wage and current lower income.
  • Permanent partial disability benefits: When a worker suffers a permanent loss of a body part or loss of the use of a body part, they can receive financial payments based on their average weekly wage and the affected body part.
  • Permanent total disability benefits: Workers may continue to receive wage replacement benefits if they become permanently disabled from working even after reaching maximum medical improvement.

Common Injuries/Illnesses That Can Lead to Workers’ Comp Claims

At Kaufman Law, our legal team helps employees recover from work-related injuries and illnesses such as:

  • Severe lacerations
  • Burns
  • Electrocution injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Repetitive stress injuries
  • Ligament sprains/tears
  • Muscle and tendon strains/tears
  • Herniated spinal disc injuries
  • Vision/hearing loss
  • Overexertion injuries
  • Nerve damage
  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis
  • Facial injuries
  • Puncture wounds
  • Internal organ injuries or internal bleeding
  • Crush injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Toxic exposure and development of chronic or terminal illnesses
  • Viral/bacterial infection

When Do You Have to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

In the Georgia workers’ compensation system, filing a claim begins with notifying your employer about a workplace accident or the work injury/occupational illness you’ve suffered. The workers’ comp system requires you to report a work accident and injury to your employer promptly. If you wait more than 30 days to report a work injury or occupational illness, you might jeopardize your workers’ comp benefits eligibility.

In addition to notifying your employer, you must file a Form WC-14 with the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation within one year of suffering a workplace injury to preserve your right to request a formal hearing with the state board if your employer denies you workers’ comp benefits.

What Steps Should You Take After Suffering a Work Injury?

After getting hurt at work, steps you should follow to preserve your eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits include:

  • Report your injury to your employer as soon as possible after a workplace accident. Give your employer written notice to have a record of when you notified your employer.
  • Seek prompt medical attention and follow your doctor’s treatment recommendations and recovery instructions.
  • Obtain copies of your medical records.
  • Keep any bills, invoices, or receipts of out-of-pocket medical expenses.
  • Gather copies of your pay stubs or income statements to calculate your pre-injury average weekly wage.

Finally, contact Kaufman Law if your employer denies or delays your workers’ compensation benefits to get help with pursuing your claim.

What Options Do You Have If Your Workers’ Comp Claim Gets Denied?

When your employer declines to provide you with workers’ compensation benefits for a work injury or occupational illness, you can file a formal claim with the State Board of Workers’ Compensation within one year of your work injury to request a hearing before an administrative law judge. A workers’ compensation hearing works like a trial. You and your employer can present evidence and witness testimony to the judge, who will determine what benefits, if any, you should receive.

If you disagree with the judge’s decision, you can appeal to the State Board’s Appellate Division. The Appellate Division will convene a panel of three board members who will review the judge’s decision for legal errors and ensure the judge’s factual findings have a sufficient evidentiary basis. Parties typically submit written briefs to the Appellate Division, although a worker or employer can request a hearing for oral arguments.

If the Appellate Division upholds the denial of your workers’ compensation claim, you may have the right to further appeal to the courts. A Sandy Springs workers’ compensation lawyer from Kaufman Law can guide you through the claims process and evaluate your legal options.

How Can a Sandy Springs Work Injury Attorney Help with Your Claim?

Recovering workers’ compensation benefits after experiencing a work injury or occupational disease can seem like a daunting or confusing process. Fighting with your employer when they deny you benefits or demand you return to work can become stressful. At Kaufman Law, our legal team works tirelessly to take the stress of your legal claim off your shoulders by:

  • Investigating the workplace accident and injury to recover evidence proving your eligibility for workers’ comp benefits
  • Documenting your injuries, ongoing out-of-pocket medical expenses, and lost wages
  • Negotiating with your employer and insurance adjusters
  • Filing formal workers’ compensation claims and representing you in administrative hearings
  • Evaluating and pursuing your legal options following denials of benefits

Contact Kaufman Law to Discuss Your Rights with a Sandy Springs Workplace Injury Lawyer

When you’ve suffered a work injury or occupational illness in the Sandy Springs area, you may have the right to obtain workers’ compensation benefits to assist with your recovery. Contact Kaufman Law today for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss how a Sandy Springs job injury attorney can help you demand the compensation and benefits you need for your work-related injury or illness.

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