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Truck Drivers: One of the “Unhealthiest” Jobs in America

Truck Drivers: One of the “Unhealthiest” Jobs in America

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in 2007 classified semi-truck driving as one of the highest risk occupations in the United States. Unhealthy workplace environments and unfavorable working patterns can have a negative effect on truckers.
Some unhealthy patterns and environments may include:

  • Irregular work schedules –Lack of adequate sleep, or not sleeping regular hours at night, can negatively affect your circadian rhythm (sleep/wake cycle). Having a disturbed circadian rhythm has been shown to increase your chances of heart disease and other adverse health issues.
  • Poor diet and nutrition – Being on the road many hours a day doesn’t lend itself to eating well. And it’s well known and documented that poor diet and nutrition habits leads to various adverse health issues.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has determined the average life expectancy for a commercial truck driver is only 61 years, which happens to be 16 years lower than the national average.
There have been studies that indicate 50 percent of commercial truck drivers are overweight or obese. Most truck drivers could significantly benefit their health by doing some form of exercise 30 minutes a day. Exercise can be in the form of walking around a truck stop, push-ups, crunches, or any exercise that can be accomplished with the time, space, and equipment that may be available at a rest stop; many truck stops have fitness centers.
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