Are you coping with the effects of a dog bite in Douglasville, Georgia? Beyond the immediate physical pain, such injuries often bring financial worries due to high medical costs and lost wages. At Kaufman Law, we understand the stress these types of situations can bring, and our team is committed to helping you recover both physically and financially. We will work diligently to manage all legal aspects of your claim, from securing evidence to negotiating compensation so you can focus on healing. Contact Kaufman Law today for a free legal consultation, and let us help you start on the path to recovery.

What Are Georgia’s Dog Bite Laws?

Georgia dog bite laws are based on the “one-bite” rule, which says dog owners are only liable under certain circumstances if their dogs have never bitten anyone or behaved aggressively before. However, Georgia law includes specific modifications that place additional responsibilities on dog owners. Under these laws, a dog owner is liable for injuries caused by their dog if certain conditions apply, including:

  • The owner knows or should know their dog has a dangerous or vicious nature. Recognizing a dog as dangerous does not necessarily require a history of biting. Instead, it might stem from the dog’s general behavior or previous aggressive tendencies that suggest a potential for harm.
  • The dog owner was negligent in managing the dog or allowing it to roam freely. For instance, an owner who fails to secure their dog in a fenced area or lets it wander off-leash is demonstrating negligence in managing the animal’s behavior.
  • The victim of the dog bite did not provoke the dog. This means the victim did not engage in behavior that could be perceived as threatening or invasive towards the dog, such as trespassing on the owner’s property or threatening the dog in any manner.

Georgia law provides clear definitions that establish when a dog is considered “dangerous” or “vicious.” A dangerous dog is one that has previously caused significant injuries, such as puncture wounds, or displayed threatening behavior, even if it hasn’t actually injured anyone. On the other hand, a dog is considered vicious if it has previously inflicted serious injuries on someone. In this context, serious injuries include those that are potentially fatal or require extensive medical treatment.

For a victim to have a valid claim against a dog owner, they must prove the dog’s vicious nature and that the owner knew or should have known about it. Georgia law has a provision stating that a dog is automatically considered vicious if it bites someone while off-leash or outside a contained area. This provision makes it much easier for Georgia dog bite victims to prove their legal claims if they get bitten by dogs that are not properly restrained in public.

Who Is Liable for My Douglasville Dog Bite Injuries?

In Georgia, liability for a dog bite injury usually falls on the dog’s owner. However, liability could extend to other parties in certain circumstances. For example, other liable parties could include:

  • Landlords – If a landlord knows a tenant has a dangerous dog and does nothing to ensure the safety of other tenants or guests, the landlord could be liable for any injuries the dog causes.
  • Property Managers – Property managers overseeing residential or commercial complexes can also be liable if they fail to enforce rules regarding dangerous animals on site.
  • Dog Caretakers – Dog caretakers include kennels, pet boarding facilities, and dog sitters who assume temporary responsibility for a dog. If they fail to safely handle a known aggressive dog and it bites someone, the caretaker could be liable.
  • Business Owners – If a dog bite occurs at a business location, like a pet store or grooming salon, the business owner could be liable, especially if the business owner knew about the risk.

What Kinds of Injuries Do Dog Bites Cause?

Dogs have sharp teeth and strong jaws that can cause severe injuries when they bite. Here are some common types of injuries that can result from a dog bite:

  • Puncture Wounds – These occur when a dog’s teeth penetrate the skin, creating deep holes. Puncture wounds often require medical attention to clean the wound and prevent infection.
  • Lacerations – These are deep cuts or tears in the skin, often irregular in shape. Lacerations can be highly painful and typically require stitches to heal properly.
  • Avulsions – This type of injury, also known as a degloving injury, involves the removal of skin and tissue from the body. Avulsions can occur when a dog’s bite is strong enough to tear away flesh, potentially leading to significant blood loss and the need for surgical repair.
  • Infections – Dog bites can introduce bacteria from the dog’s mouth into the wound, leading to infections. Common infection symptoms include swelling, redness, pain, and pus.
  • Crush Injuries – These occur when a dog bite crushes internal structures such as bones, nerves, or blood vessels. This can lead to long-term damage and often requires extensive medical care.
  • Scarring – Dog bites can leave permanent scars, which can be disfiguring and cause emotional distress. In severe cases, plastic surgery might be necessary to improve the appearance of scars.
  • Nerve Damage – Damage to the nerves can result from deep bites that sever nerve fibers, potentially leading to loss of sensation or motor function in the affected area.
  • Psychological Injuries – Beyond physical injuries, dog bites can also lead to psychological issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and fear of dogs. This kind of emotional trauma can impact a person’s quality of life and often requires professional psychological support.

How Much Is My Dog Bite Injury Case Worth?

If a dog bites and injures you, you could be entitled to seek compensation for the losses and expenses you incur as a result of the injury. Here are some common types of losses and expenses for which you could demand financial compensation in a dog bite injury claim:

  • Medical bills for immediate treatment of the dog bite injury
  • The projected costs of medical care you will likely need in the future
  • Expenses for psychological counseling
  • Lost wages if you miss work during your recovery
  • Future loss of earnings if you cannot return to work
  • Pain and suffering due to the injury
  • Loss of enjoyment or quality of life
  • Costs for plastic surgery or scar treatment
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Legal fees associated with your claim

How Can a Dog Attack Attorney Help Me?

If you’re pursuing a claim for a dog bite injury, enlisting a knowledgeable dog bite lawyer can significantly increase your chances of a successful outcome. Your personal injury attorney can help you by:

  • Collecting evidence from the scene of the dog bite incident
  • Interviewing witnesses who saw the attack occur
  • Consulting healthcare providers to document and assess your injuries
  • Identifying who legally owns the dog that bit you
  • Establishing the liability of all involved parties
  • Researching and interpreting relevant statutes and local dog control laws
  • Working with expert witnesses to strengthen your case
  • Submitting all necessary paperwork for your claim
  • Calculating the total value of all medical costs you incurred
  • Estimating the potential costs of your ongoing healthcare needs
  • Demanding fair compensation for lost income and earning potential
  • Arguing for adequate compensation for your pain and suffering
  • Negotiating settlements with insurance adjusters
  • Identifying and challenging attempts to undervalue your claim
  • Providing legal representation in court, if necessary
  • Keeping you informed about the progress of your case

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