Have you been hurt in a Dunwoody, Georgia, truck wreck? Your life may look very different now than it did before the crash. Truck wreck injuries can be painful and costly, and their effects may lead to long-term or even permanent challenges.

Receiving compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and other such losses could help you confidently move forward following this devastating experience. If the wreck that caused your injuries resulted from someone else’s actions or carelessness, you may be eligible for the financial compensation you need.

At Kaufman Law, a truck accident lawyer serving Dunwoody clients can help you seek the compensation you deserve. Contact us today for more information.

Common Causes of Truck Crashes in Dunwoody, Georgia

A trucking accident may have a number of different causes. Sometimes, truck wrecks occur because of the actions or carelessness of individual truckers, their employers, or both.

For example, a trucker can cause a wreck by:

  • Speeding
  • Driving too long without taking a break (which violates federal regulations)
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Using a phone or otherwise engaging in distracted driving behaviors
  • Failing to obey traffic signs and signals
  • Not checking for other vehicles before changing lanes, turning, etc.
  • Driving without headlights in low-light conditions
  • Not adjusting speed and/or braking to account for inclement weather
  • Driving aggressively

While driver may cause a wreck by engaging in any of the above behaviors, trucking companies also have a responsibility to screen their drivers and properly train them. If a trucking company hired someone with a poor driving record, they could also bear some of the fault for an accident. Similarly, if a trucking company runs afoul of federal or state trucking regulations, and their disregard caused or contributed to an accident, they may owe compensation to any victims.

Third parties that work with trucking companies, such as mechanics and cargo loaders, may be liable if poor vehicle maintenance or cargo loading practices caused or contributed to an accident.

Even pedestrians can cause truck wrecks. This might happen if a pedestrian were to step out into traffic without having the right of way. Doing so could lead a trucker to suddenly swerve in an attempt to avoid striking the pedestrian. Unfortunately, this may lead to a major crash involving multiple parties. Similarly, other motorists can cause crashes if their behavior leads a trucker to swerve, turn, or stop unexpectedly.

In very rare instances, government agencies may be to blame for truck wrecks. This might be the case after a crash resulting from hazardous road conditions. Local government agencies are responsible for keeping roads safe, and crashes can happen if they don’t address hazards in a timely manner.

Common Truck Accident Injuries

Truck wrecks can cause serious injuries. Some of the common ways you could be injured in a trucking accident include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Fractures
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Internal injuries
  • Scarring or disfigurement
  • Limb loss or amputation
  • Lacerations
  • Fatal injuries

Most victims of truck wrecks need some form of medical treatment. Unfortunately, due to the catastrophic nature of truck accidents, it’s not uncommon for victims to face lifelong difficulties.

For example, a victim who sustains a TBI in a truck collision may face cognitive issues, memory troubles, and mood disruptions that can be so great they might qualify as personality changes. Or, perhaps, a victim sustains a spinal cord injury. Their injury could leave them paralyzed for life. These are two examples in which trucking accident victims may require ongoing care. The cost of lifelong care could be very significant. 

A victim will likely struggle to pay for their own care and treatment in these circumstances. If their injuries are serious, they may be unable to work. Being unable to work and earn an income is a burden for anyone, particularly someone with significant medical needs.

A victim’s loved ones may also face major life changes after a crash. For example, maybe the victim was their family’s primary breadwinner. Their financial situation will change dramatically if the victim is unable to work because of their injuries.

Seeking Compensation After a Trucking Accident in Georgia

A victim may seek compensation after a Georgia truck wreck someone else caused. Seeking compensation requires filing a truck accident claim with the insurance of the liable party, such as the truck driver, trucking company, truck mechanic, or cargo loader. Filing a lawsuit is another option when it’s clear insurance won’t offer a fair settlement.

A truck accident lawyer will review your legal options with you in your initial consultation and help you understand how much compensation you may be able to seek.

Compensation Available in a Georgia Truck Wreck Case

Losses someone might incur after a truck crash fall into two general categories: economic and non-economic. An economic loss is one that can be expressed in clear financial terms, such as medical expenses or lost income.

Calculating economic losses requires gathering documentation of all such losses and adding them up. To accurately obtain maximum compensation after a truck crash, it might also be necessary to estimate the cost of future economic losses. Failure to account for anticipated future medical expenses, for example, could lead a victim to accept a settlement offer that’s far less than they deserve.

Non-economic losses, on the other hand, don’t have precise dollar values. Your attorney may apply a specialized formula to determine the value of your non-economic losses. One common approach is to use the multiplier method, in which your attorney assigns a number between one and five to represent the severity of your injuries. Then, they multiply this number by the total amount of your economic losses to arrive at an amount that also represents your non-economic losses.

That’s just one approach, though. Personal injury lawyers and other legal professionals take a variety of factors into account when determining the best way to assign a dollar value to intangible losses.

The Deadline for Filing a Truck Accident Lawsuit in Georgia

The statute of limitations in Georgia for filing a truck crash lawsuit is usually two years from the date of the wreck. You will be unable to file a lawsuit and pursue damages in court if you miss this deadline. Guard against this by coordinating with a truck accident attorney serving Dunwoody, Georgia, as soon as possible following an accident.

How a Truck Accident Lawyer Serving Dunwoody, Georgia, Can Help

A truck accident lawyer serving Dunwoody, GA, can help you seek maximum compensation for injuries by:

  • Reviewing your case and explaining your legal options
  • Investigating to identify all liable parties and gather evidence showing what caused the wreck
  • Adding up your losses to estimate how much compensation you deserve
  • Filing a claim and negotiating a settlement on your behalf
  • Filing a lawsuit and representing you in court, if necessary

The Georgia truck accident lawyers at Kaufman Law offer free case reviews. We also enter into contingency fee agreements with clients. When a lawyer charges a contingency fee, their fee is a percentage of any compensation a client receives. 

With such an arrangement, a client doesn’t owe anything if they don’t receive compensation. That means you take on no additional financial risk by seeking professional truck accident representation.

Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer Serving Dunwoody, Georgia

You may have to fight for compensation when facing off against a large trucking company and its insurer. Doing so could be quite challenging as you attempt to heal and adjust to life after a truck wreck.

However, you don’t have to go through this process alone. Cargo truck accident lawyers serving Dunwoody, Georgia, can handle your claim while you prioritize your recovery. At Kaufman Law, we’re prepared to review your case and explain how to proceed. Get started today by contacting us online for a free consultation.

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