Workplace injuries can take you off the job indefinitely, cause significant physical pain, and prevent you from supporting your family. The process of pursuing workers’ compensation benefits in Riverdale, Georgia, can be confusing and stressful — and when you’re trying to heal, additional challenges are the last thing you need.

The top-rated workers’ compensation lawyers at Kaufman Law understand the anxiety that comes with a workplace injury. If you’ve suffered an injury on the job, we can help you navigate Georgia’s workers’ comp system and fight for the benefits you’re entitled to. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation with a workers’ comp attorney — we’d be happy to discuss your situation and help you understand your options.

How Riverdale, Georgia, Workplace Injuries Happen

While certain industries like healthcare, construction, manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, and food service present a higher-than-average risk of suffering a workplace injury, the truth is that accidents can happen in any workplace. Some of the more common causes of workplace injuries include:

  • Overexertion — Pushing your body past its limits can cause back injuries, sprains, strains, and other injuries that limit your range of motion.
  • Slip and Fall Accidents — Slips, trips, and falls on wet floors, stairs, obstructed walkways, and uneven surfaces can cause fractures, sprains, strains, tears, concussions, and more.
  • Falls from Heights — Falls from heights include falls from ladders and scaffolding, falls through surfaces, falls from collapsing structures, and more. These can lead to a variety of injuries, including severe head, neck, and spinal cord injuries.
  • Repetitive Movement — Injuries caused by repetitive motion often occur in offices, restaurants, warehouses, and other environments where workers must repeatedly perform the same routine tasks.
  • Contact with Objects or Equipment — Being hit by a moving object or squeezed, pinched, or crushed between a moving object and a stationary object can cause blunt force trauma, asphyxiation, head injuries, back injuries, and other effects.
  • Accidents Involving Heavy Equipment, Machinery, or Vehicles — Heavy equipment, industrial machinery, and vehicles can cause catastrophic injuries in various ways. Crushing injuries, burns, lacerations, limb loss, head injuries, back injuries, and more may result from accidents involving machines and vehicles.
  • Exposure to Harmful Substances — Exposure to industrial cleaning products, chemicals, radiation, infectious diseases, and other substances may occur in such settings as manufacturing and healthcare.
  • Workplace Violence — Workplace violence is a concern in some healthcare settings and may involve encounters with both patients and visitors. Acts of violence may include physical attacks, as well as the use of weapons and other objects. Retail, food service, and other public-facing environments also pose a threat of workplace violence.

If you experience any type of workplace injury, a Riverdale, Georgia, workers’ compensation attorney can help you access the benefits you’re owed.

Meeting the Eligibility Requirements for Workers’ Compensation in Georgia

The first step after you experience a workplace injury is to determine whether you’re eligible to collect workers’ compensation benefits under Georgia law. The process of securing workers’ compensation benefits in Riverdale can be complicated, and getting help from a lawyer with your workers’ compensation insurance claim can make things go more smoothly.

You must meet several key eligibility requirements to collect workers’ comp benefits in Georgia:

  • You Must Be an Employee — Only employees are eligible for workers’ comp benefits. Independent contractors and other non-employees cannot collect these benefits under Georgia law.
  • Your Injury Must Be Work-Related — Your injury must have occurred at work while you were engaged in work-related activities in order for you to be eligible for workers’ comp benefits. You don’t necessarily have to have been performing your job duties — injuries that occur on your employer’s property or job site are eligible as long as you were working when they occurred.
  • You Must Report the Injury on Time — You must report your injury no more than 30 days after the accident to be eligible for workers’ comp benefits. Additionally, you must file a workers’ compensation claim within one year of the accident date.
  • You Must Visit an Approved Doctor — Your employer may direct you to a list of approved doctors or other medical providers to seek a diagnosis and treatment for your injury. Visiting your own physician if they aren’t on the list may make you ineligible for benefits.

An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in Riverdale can determine whether you meet these eligibility requirements and help you through the workers’ comp claim process in Georgia, including filing the necessary paperwork.

Georgia Workers’ Compensation Benefits

workers’ rights attorney in Georgia can help you access the benefits you’re owed through Georgia’s workers’ compensation program following a workplace injury. The benefits you may be able to claim include:

  • Medical Benefits — Workers’ comp medical benefits cover the procedures, medications, therapies, and equipment required to treat your injury, as long as you’re treated by a doctor approved by your employer. Medical benefits generally last up to 400 weeks, although workers who suffer catastrophic injuries may be eligible for lifetime benefits.
  • Temporary Disability Benefits — Georgia provides temporary partial disability benefits for up to 350 weeks and temporary total disability benefits for up to 400 weeks. Temporary partial disability covers a portion of your earnings if you’re unable to work at full capacity, while temporary total disability pays two-thirds of your average weekly income up to the state-imposed maximum if you’re temporarily unable to work at all. If your doctor determines that you are permanently and totally disabled, you can continue to receive temporary total disability benefits that last for the remainder of your lifetime.
  • Permanent Disability Benefits — Georgia workers’ rights under the law provide for scheduled and unscheduled permanent partial disability benefits. Scheduled and unscheduled partial disability benefits depend on the type of injury and how it’s classified by the workers’ comp injury schedule. 
  • Death Benefits — The families of workers killed in workplace accidents are entitled to financial support through workers’ comp. This includes coverage for funeral and burial expenses. The amount depends on the worker’s average weekly income at the time of the accident, up to a maximum of $800 per week.

Despite being entitled to these benefits by law, many injured Georgia workers struggle to secure their rightful workers’ comp benefits due to resistance from their employers or misunderstandings about how the program works. A knowledgeable attorney can provide workers’ comp legal advice in Riverdale and help you access these benefits.

How an Experienced Workers’ Comp Attorney Can Help

The potential challenges associated with securing workers’ compensation benefits are numerous. You deserve to be able to focus on your recovery and shouldn’t have to spend your time and energy navigating the system. With skilled legal representation from a job injury lawyer in Riverdale, Georgia, you can rest easy knowing your claim is in good hands.

Your workers’ comp settlement attorney will:

  • Gather evidence related to your workplace accident and injury
  • Prepare and file all paperwork related to your claim
  • Handle communication with your employer and insurance companies
  • Negotiate with insurers and legal professionals to secure full benefits
  • Represent you in all proceedings
  • Appeal denied claims

Employers and their insurance companies may try to take advantage of injured workers and deny them the benefits they deserve. Your workplace injury attorney in Riverdale, Georgia, will protect you from these tactics.

Contact a Georgia Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Today

If you’ve been hurt in a workplace accident, you need an injured workers’ attorney in Riverdale that you can trust to represent you and advocate for your best interest. For over four decades, Kaufman Law has helped injured Georgians access the workers’ compensation benefits that make it possible for them to move forward following an injury. Contact us today to schedule a free legal consultation with our workers’ comp law firm in Riverdale.

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