If you are injured in an accident involving a big rig that someone else caused, you may have legal options to consider. Truck accidents tend to cause major injuries, and if you are like many injured truck crash victims, you are looking at the prospect of having to pay medical bills for a long time. You shouldn’t have to worry about your expenses after an accident, especially if you didn’t cause it. Reaching out to a truck accident attorney after a truck crash is always advised.

Truck accidents can be life-changing, and that is why a Kaufman Law truck accident lawyer will fight aggressively for you. Our firm has helped injured individuals recover millions of dollars in compensation over the last 45 years. We know personal injury law and can handle your case for you. Kaufman Law serves the Riverdale, Georgia, area and beyond.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks and big rigs weigh tens of thousands of pounds, and when they are involved in an accident, they can cause complete devastation. For this reason, truck drivers and trucking companies are legally obligated to follow both federal and local traffic laws and regulations. Trucking companies are also required to ensure that their drivers prioritize safety and follow regulations. If they don’t, they can be held liable if one of their truckers’ carelessness causes an accident.

Tractor-trailer accidents can be deadly, but unfortunately, they are common on American roadways. Large trucks are heavier, more difficult to maneuver, and take a much longer time than smaller passenger vehicles to stop. Some of the most common causes of big rig accidents include:

  • Driving while fatigued – Drivers frequently work long hours to meet tight deadlines. Some drivers may forgo sleep and rest to save time. When this happens, they could be breaking federal hours of service regulations. Truckers who drive fatigued are more likely to make bad decisions and cause a truck accident.
  • Distracted driving – Eating, drinking, talking, texting, changing channels or volume on the radio, and any other action that takes a driver’s attention off the road can be classified as distracted driving.
  • Intoxicated driving – Truck drivers who operate a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol will experience delayed reaction times and muddled judgment that can result in crashes.
  • Aggressive driving – Speeding, following too closely, changing lanes without signaling, and failing to obey lights or traffic signs are all aggressive behaviors that can easily cause a crash.
  • Poor training – Trucks are more difficult to drive than smaller passenger vehicles. For this reason, trucking companies should take steps to ensure anyone they hire has proper training and adequate credentials.
  • Manufacturer defects – If a truck’s part or system malfunctions, such as the braking system, it can cause a crash.

The causes listed above are not the only ones, but they are some of the most common. If you have been injured in a crash with a commercial truck that wasn’t your fault, a Kaufman Law attorney who understands tractor-trailer accidents may be able to help you obtain compensation.

Are You Entitled to Compensation?

In the wake of a truck accident, you may have to deal with debilitating injuries that require both current and future medical treatment. Depending on the nature of your injuries, you may even need to stay in the hospital for an extended time. If you are unable to return to your job, bills can mount even faster. If you are injured in an accident caused by someone else, you may be entitled to seek just and fair compensation.

If you are involved in a Riverdale truck accident, you need to schedule a FREE consultation with Kaufman Law. There are no fees unless you win, and you can get a better sense of what your case might be worth. When calculating the actual value of your case, factors such as the extent of your injuries, the number of parties who were at fault for the accident, and how much money you will need in the future to replace lost income or for medical expenses will come into play.

Following an accident, you could be entitled to compensation for:

  • Medical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Mobility devices
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

The semi truck injury attorneys at Kaufman Law may be able to help you obtain maximum compensation. Even if you are offered a settlement by an insurance company, you should never accept without consulting an experienced truck accident attorney. Your attorney will look over the settlement to make sure it covers all your accident-related losses.

If you are in an accident involving a truck, you have two years to file a lawsuit in the state of Georgia. Because of this short amount of time, you should contact a truck accident lawyer as soon after the crash as possible.

What to Do After a Truck Accident

When you get in a truck accident, there are certain steps you should take. Taking these steps will help safeguard your rights. After an accident, you should do the following:

  1. Check to see if anyone is injured, and call 911.
  2. Get the truck driver’s name and contact details, the name of his company and their contact details, and the driver’s and trucking company’s insurance information.
  3. Take pictures and video of the scene and of your injuries. This evidence can be used in court.
  4. Collect the contact information for eyewitnesses.
  5. Immediately seek medical care, even if you feel fine. Some accident injuries do not present symptoms for days.
  6. Obtain a copy of the accident report from law enforcement.
  7. Contact an attorney to help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

You should also keep detailed records of any medical bills or accident-related expenses you have. Your lawyer can use these documents when they determine the value of your losses.

Reasons to Hire a Truck Accident Attorney

Truck accident cases can be complex, especially when there are multiple parties or vehicles involved. When this occurs, establishing responsibility is not always easy, and each party will have its own insurance company. Interacting with insurance companies and their lawyers can be difficult, especially since their primary goal is to avoid having to pay you for your injuries. By working with an experienced Kaufman Law attorney, you can level the playing field with the insurance companies and obtain the compensation you deserve.

When an accident occurs, it may be possible to hold multiple parties liable. The trucking company, the trucker, the cargo loading company, the truck manufacturer, or the inspection company could be liable. An experienced attorney can collect evidence to establish who is at fault for the crash and who is liable. They will act as your legal advocate and ensure that your rights are protected. Your attorney will provide help seeking fair compensation for the injuries and damages you suffered.

Contact Kaufman Law for a Free Consultation

If you were injured in a truck accident caused by someone else, you may be wondering if it is worth filing a claim. The answer is yes, and if you file a successful claim, you could get compensation for your ordeal and accident-related expenses. Kaufman Law can help you file your personal injury claim and will fight diligently for your right to compensation.

You should never have to shoulder accident costs resulting from a crash caused by the carelessness of another party. Contact Kaufman Law today for a free consultation with an experienced truck accident attorney serving Riverdale, Georgia.

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